Thursday, May 5, 2016

free watercolor background AND I love learning about digital painting!! Step by step Tayasui app painting example...

You guys, I've been absolutely obsessed with painting with the Tayasui Sketches Pro app that I got for my iPad. I've included a link at the bottom to a digital paper file (12" x 12" .jpg file) created with the app.

It lets you work in layers which is wonderful for being able to delete a bit of work without losing a part that you were happy with!!!

The watercolor brush is the one with the pointed tip, and it's amazing. I know this sounds like some kind of an ad, but the wash option on the brush lets the colors bleed together; then a water option lets you flood it with "water" of all, the third option under watercolor brushes seems to be a "happy accident" brush option, which, if you've chosen white as your color makes the most amazing hard-edged stains on your work, or, if you're lucky, a pretty spreading "bloom" in your wash. In the little photo below you can see how one "tap" created the hard edge at its top edge, and a soft "bloom" at its bottom edge.
You can see how I built up layers in the photos below to make what sure looks a lot like a real watercolor painting. Not as wonderful as the real thing, LOL, but darn fun on a road trip or any other situation in which you need to kill time.
step by step watercolor with Sketches Pro for Ipad...
First (above) I used the wash brush (the fat drop shape which is the first watercolor brush option when you double tap the watercolor brush), chose a blue/lavender color, set the transparency to about 50%  (you see the size and transparency options off on the right when you tap and hold the brush.)Then I just changed colors and bled them in: pale gold and mauve.

Above, I added water - the second watercolor brush option, the thinner drop shape- and pulled it down to the bottom

(Above) Kept on adding more of the same colors, tapped on "dry" the red drop at the bottom right, and started some distant ridges in the same wash brush. They didn't bleed away because my virtual surface was dry, haha! I also erased away the sun shape with the eraser tool.

(Above) then I had some fun dripping water into the wet washes and tapping that last option I call the "accident" option (it's below the wash and water options, and looks like a circle with a wiggly outline). WHAT.  A.  BLAST.
Anyway, I've been having fun making watercolor clips and backgrounds for my Etsy store, "Sketchroom", and here's a digital watercolor background you can have for free!
Have a wonderful, creative day and thanks for being my blog reader!


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