Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm Claiming My Stake sketch. Need Propping Up?

I'm loving sketching and learning about my graphics tablet these days. The only things I seem to want to sketch are gentle little cartoons, my "flower child" drawings, and I just put another one in the collection. If you're interested you can see a greeting card version of this one on Etsy.

I find it really fun to anthropomorphize flowers in pots (sometimes out of their pots). There are so many interesting metaphors there! They have readymade faces which can have expression, leaves which make perfect arms, a home they're in (their pot), needs and vulnerabilities. They need light and water, they can be happy and flourish, and they can be droopy and in need of nourishment and care. They can have kids (ok, seeds), they can get overgrown, attacked by weeds and pests, become rootbound, bend to face the light....I mean it just goes on and on! Love it!

Anyway, here's my sketch "Claiming my Stake"

Have you claimed a stake in your life?
The meaning, sortof obviously, is one's need to stake a claim in God's promise of love and care for those who look to Him for His love and forgiveness. Oh, to have peace of mind, PLEASE God, and it's the only source I know for the REAL solutions for our messed up minds.

Here's hoping you find peace of mind!



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